Something isn't quite right in my life...

Women are currently facing suffocating life dissatisfaction in spite of being more educated than ever before. Something seems wrong, but we can't quite place a finger on it, a persistent nagging in the gut, as if something was forgotten or lost. This feeling shows up most noticeably in times of irritation or annoyances over small things.

Most of the time we ignore these disturbances. Other times we blame it on "emotions," but what if both of these responses are wrong?

What if all we need is a little zen magic and some lessons on how to be a cat?


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What do I mean by zen magic?

I am not talking about taking off on a broom and flying across the moon, (but if you can do that... give me a ride!). Nor is it about becoming a monk/nun. I am referring to the magic that comes from being fully you. Enjoying who you are right now rather than who you are "supposed to be." You can learn to reveal the mystery of who you are, releasing fear and following inspiration, rather than living by outdated or oppressive rules.

Feline Alchemy

Gloria Steinem said we should raise our daughters to be more like cats. I want to take this a step further and help women to lead by example. We already know that "Do as I say, not as I do," does not work. Even if your child is older, it doesn't matter when you begin the process.

Stop giving away your power.

Remember the last time you told a cat what to do and it followed your directions? No?

Allowing a deity, your parents, a spouse/partner, or even your child(ren) to dictate your life is not very cat-like. You know what you need to be satisfied, complete, and filled with joy, whether you realize it or not.

Cat's don't give a sniff about social norms. It wasn't that long ago that a woman wearing pants was considered scandalous. A woman having her own bank account? Nonsense!

I wonder what other "rules" we could break, like a cat tossing a glass from a table. Mmmm... satisfying.

Change is hard!

No. Change is terrifying! Let's be honest; when you make personal changes, it "messes up" the lives of those around you. When you set boundaries and expect accountability from folks, they don't like it! But ultimately, if you become whole, giving to yourself as you give to others, they will benefit too!

Some may never come around, but that is okay too.

Create your own Zen Magic

Living with who you are is a gratifying experience. Exhaustion, regret, resentment all come from being out of sync with your "self". Saying, Yes when you want to say No, depletes your soul. Being kind to an enemy out of guilt or fear also increases your vulnerability to these types of emotions. If you "have to be careful," for fear of karma or lightning strikes, or whatever mystical retribution you think will happen, does it still count as being good?

What if you lived from a genuine space, a Zen place designed by you that allowed you to live moment by moment, doing good or not according to what you deem important.

(Ooooh, did that make you feel scared too?)

You don't need me to do this.

You could travel this path to feline-ability on your own, without anyone to help you along the way. I certainly did. But traveling alone is well... lonely and hard. Having someone to show you the short cuts, side roads, and reducing self-doubt about your direction is a good idea. Most of us will grab our GPS or a good roadmap before we travel. Why treat your life journey any different?

No magic wands!

It is your life; you will have to make the effort; working with me gives you insight, accountability, and personal support. Consider me a fairy cat-mother, but my magic is tangible real-world experience and education. I offer gentle, no-nonsense teaching on how to remove the spell of delusion that you are somehow not good enough by being yourself.

No formulas. No quick fixes. No extravagant guarantees. I will help you develop personal  Zen*, change your thinking and teach you to be a practitioner of your life, not the life others expect of you.

*Zen in its most basic form is living in the now, today, not focusing on the past or worrying about the future.

Supressing vs embracing your dark side. Which wins?
Supressing vs embracing your dark side. Which wins?

I like my comfortable life!

Oh, I get it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it right? Perhaps. But to be blunt, you read this whole page (or most of it) and are now wondering what I can say that would convince you to sign up for anything on this mildly woo-woo coaching website? Ask yourself some questions.

  • Why did you come to this site?
  • What are you looking for?
  • Do you know?
  • Would you like to?

How about a free no-obligation 30 minutes, no pressure, not "salesy" chat with me? Can't hurt right?