Group Coaching

Group coaching allows for you to interact with a group online via video meeting (Zoom, etc.), meetings are scheduled bi-weekly.

Great option if you are looking for accountability, camaraderie and lower out of pocket expense. There is an emphasis on "homework," accountability to the group and goal setting.

You will be required to commit to the scheduled meetings or be dropped from the group. In the first session, the group will decide the rules of attendance and participation for its members.

Group coaching is limited to 8 people and availability is based on the number of participants interested. Group coaching is based on a wait list and will not be started without a minimum of 4 participants.

A commitment of 2 sessions per month for a minimum of 3 months is required. Payment is expected in advance.

$50/person for each 50-minute session.

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Group coaching lists will take individuals on a first come first serve basis and grouped according to similar needs.