What is Transformation Coaching?

A Transformation Coach is a life coach who helps you discover what is holding you back from the changes you want to make in your life.  This includes identifying and changing beliefs, habits, and patterns that hinder you from living your life to the fullest. In other words, it is taking the daring step towards making your dreams a "what if" to "what is."

UCI Life coach certification

Who is Tanya?

Tanya is the owner of Zen Cat, LLC, a certified Life Coach, has a Bachelors in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University, and has studied graduate-level Youth and Family Education. She is a voracious reader and loves to "geek-out" on all things psychology/self-help.

Tanya has transformed her own life many times and continues to discover new pathways for personal growth; ensuring that her experience is the venture she wants to be living. She is committed to teaching like-minded freedom travelers who are eager to learn from her journey.

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Ok, and what the heck is a Zen Cat??

The name Zen Cat has been an evolution. Tanya explains:

"It started as thoughts of envy towards our cats. I had been working an incredibly stressful job and noticed our cats did precisely what they wanted when they wanted. Why not me? Vandon, my kindred soul, and I had many discussions of what our lives would look like if we lived a 'cat's life,' Mostly, we laughed about it because who would pay the bills?!

"The concept stuck with me and I started considering what I could do for a living without working for someone else." Tanya soon found Life Coaching and started the process to get certified.

"The Zen part came through our many lengthy discussions and mental explorations about Asian philosophies. We are genuinely fascinated by the simplicity of Zen* thinking. From our perspective it shows us how to, Live in the present and without attachment. It suggests an element of peace and learning to live with challenges and the complexities of life without allowing these things to disrupt the person or their journey through life.

For me, Zen Cat is the summation of an independent thinker and explorer, someone who pursues life and all its possibilities while accepting the consequences that come with this kind of freedom. I imagine a cat climbing to a precarious position in a tree or a telephone pole, and after tremulously figuring out how to get down, has a nice lunch, a nap, and then contemplates the view from that scary place. 'It was glorious,' she thinks, 'let's do that again but use what I have learned.' That is Zen Cat and what I want for my clients. The daring to go after something that seems out of reach, if it fails, try again using the information learned in the process. If it succeeds, get another goal, go for more!"

*Actual Zen practice is not a simple process but can be a life-long journey of discovery and dedication. The aspect of Zen that I focus on is the experience of living from moment to moment, in the here and now. You will not be taught any Zen practices if you become a client of Zen Cat, LLC. 
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Are you on the right path?

If you are like me, unknown side roads are intriguing and make you wonder, “What’s down there?” It happens too on a hike, walk or bike ride; you notice the small openings that are trails but not trails, “Where does that go?” And when considering life options, you ask, “What if…?” Maybe, you have other questions you are afraid to ask.

So what?

For so long I had glorious dreams, places I wanted to go and see, things I wanted to do and be. Longing for an adventure that strode past conventional living and thinking. I wanted more. There had to be more to my life than just an everyday routine. Yet, between parenting, a full-time job, and taking care of all the “grown-up” responsibilities my wants became inappropriate and inconvenient. The next thought was always, “I don’t have time for this.” And, even worse, there was a time when I felt I had no right to explore any alternatives reducing my, “What if’s,” to frivolous or selfish longings.

What about you?

I know I am not alone. In conversations with other people, on social media and blogs, I found the same message. “I cannot have what I want because it would be irresponsible.” So instead of finding another way, they shut the whole thing down.

Have you done this too? Is there a mental “No Trespassing,” sign on those untraveled paths?

A warning: once you put up one sign, those limits don’t stop with one situation. That “No Trespassing,” sign starts showing up everywhere.

• You won’t go for a promotion because…
• You don’t take a vacation because…
• You don’t change your profession because…
• You don’t take care of yourself because…

You can find freedom

What if you changed your mind? What if you made a choice and decided that you deserve that promotion or vacation? You choose to change your job or profession because you are dying inside? What if you elect to take care of yourself first because you barely have enough energy to take care of even one other person?

Most importantly, what would happen if you didn't make these choices and changes? You were searching online for a reason because you know that something in your life just doesn't feel right.

Are you shaking your head? “Oh, Tanya has no idea what my life/bills/kids/boss/paycheck are like.” Does the idea of challenging your long-held belief’s make you want to hide? Maybe there is a small voice in you telling you, “Go for it!”

It’s scary! I know. I have been in your shoes, and I know the way. Want to see?

Isn't it time to get rid of this old thing?
Isn't it time to get rid of this old thing?
Where does your adventure start?
Where does your adventure start?

It starts here!

What do you have to lose?