Something isn't quite right in my life...

Women are currently facing suffocating life dissatisfaction in spite of being more educated than ever before. It isn't just about being paid less than their male counterparts or being objectified by the media and politics; something is missing from their lives in spite of "having it all."

Discover your freedom

Transformation Life Coaching: No formulas. No quick fixes. No extravagant guarantees. Personalized professional transformation life coaching.

You decide:

From short-term to long-term life coaching packages. You get to decide how you want to discover your personal adventure through three different one-on-one life coaching packages.

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Self-Discovery Paint Seminar

Zen Cat, LLC and Walking Forward Together are partnering for this special seminar.

This seminar utilizes art as a tool to help you identify your inner compass. You will receive step-by-step instruction through an amateur painting-on-canvas as Coach Tanya guides you through your thought processes.

Check back soon the for next event date and time!

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Group coaching

Don't take the journey alone, work with Coach Tanya and others to gain new insight through mutual support.

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What does a Life Coach do?

I guide people back to themselves by helping them identify negative thought patterns, behaviors, and habits that hold them back from the direction they want to go.

Why do I need a Life Coach?

I assist people in periods of transformation including times of transition such as marriage, divorce, moving, changing jobs or getting a promotion. Transformation can also occur during any significant change that disrupts your everyday life, including your personal beliefs or outlook on life.

Transformation is not just about upheaval!

Sometimes people need a transformation coach because they find themselves on the wrong path or their life direction feels "off" or incongruent with who they are at their core.

But I have a solid support network!

Some may question why a coach is needed when they have a strong support network. Unfortunately, friends and family can mislead us with well-meaning advice, and sometimes we do it to ourselves! We talk ourselves into a situation that we later regret.

We all know deep down who we are and who we want to be, but sometimes we forget. A coach provides objective and unbiased guidance. The primary focus is to help you achieve your goals!

Change your mind!

You have the choice to change how you think, how you behave and correct unhealthy habits that are holding you back from your adventure!

No formulas. No quick fixes. No extravagant guarantees. I will help you develop a personal map, change your thinking and teach you to be your own guide.

Let’s have a chat and see if we want to work together. If you are not quite ready, that’s ok too. For now, sign up for my email list and get to know me.

What does freedom look like to you?
What does freedom look like to you?

Take a chance on yourself!

What would happen if you changed your mind? What if you made a choice and decided that you deserve that promotion or vacation? What if you elect to take care of yourself first because you barely have enough energy to take care of even one other person?

What would your life look like if nothing changed?